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Aqua Plus Green products are driving an adaptable way of life that can be rewarding and advantageous to the nature as well as patrons who have been associated with us under the flagship brand Aquaplus.

With global warming and exhaustion of renewable resources and the requirement for water saving solutions, Aquaplus has put in force its best designers aided with advanced software to design products that competes the world’s top plumbing brands to have an upper hand in solutions that are genuinely green.

We take pride in providing our Eco-cognizant patrons with cost-saving and environment friendly products. We are here to help elucidate green plumbing products and arm your vicinity with an accomplished decision of setting up green technology for water outflow.

To comprehend the discussion that you need understand, there are select qualities that depict green items we have explained below to enable you to additionally figure out what our green products really are. Aquaplus Green items are…

Energy proficient, durable and frequently have low functional requirements with strict Material compliance

  •  Acquired from International OEM manufacturing companies.
  •  ISO 9002 Standard labeled products
  •  High Standard Performance Criteria International Standards incorporate performance criteria for all aspects of tap use

Aquaplus is the first organization to have acquired ISO 9002 standard in the Indian Plumbing Industry, Hence regardless of whether you are searching for another home, office or vicinity like buildings, there is a Aquaplus green products elective accessible.

It is dependent upon you to measure your choices and distinguish what traits of green products are critical to you; however ensure you are completely educated and mindful preceding making the purchase. We praise your sense of duty regarding feasible living and anticipate building a greener future.

Our water ratings are given to products to show their water efficiency consumption. Aquaplus Greens products are among the most water efficient in the world.
Following is a guide to the ratings:

        6 – Six Star – The Most Water Efficient (Less than 4.5lpm)

        5 – Five Star – Excellent Water Efficiency (4.5 –6.0 lpm)

        4 – Four Star – Good Water Efficiency (6.0 to 7.5 lpm)

        3 – Three Star – Water Efficient (7.5 to 9.0 lpm)

        2 – Stars (No Aquaplus Greens products perform below 3 Stars)

To ensure the nominal flow rate, we have Aquaplus Greens buildings – designing buildings with high Importance placed on minimizing the environmental impact ofthe construction materials and ongoing use. In order to guarantee consistent performance a tap or shower have been kept at stable nominal flow, constant performance at varying pressures


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